Gerald Anthony, School Counselor | Keystone Academy 

Dr. Gerald W. Anthony is currently a school counselor at Keystone Academy. He is has been in China since 2002, working as an educator and counselor. Gerald, originally residing from the Washington D.C. area in the United States, has lived in the coastal city of Tianjin, China as well as currently the capital city of Beijing. He has a doctorate degree in counseling, K-12 educational leadership certification, and a wide range of experiences in the areas of CBT, autism, and language encoding and decoding systems.

Currently, Gerald has brought his over 17-years of education and leadership experience to the SENIA-Beijing board. Since 2018, he has been a member of the local chapter’s board. Currently he serves as the Co-Chair of Membership and Local Liaison for the SENIA-Beijing Chapter. Gerald is able to communicate in his native language of English and Mandarin Chinese at an intermediate level.

Dr. Reed Rhodes, Student Support teacher at the Early Childhood Center

Reed holds a Ph.D and two M.Ed. degrees in Special Education. From 1978 to 1995, he taught students in the United States with a wide range of special needs in a variety of settings including developmental preschool, resource room, self-contained, co-teaching, and Juvenile Hall. In 1996, he was hired to set up and implement Student Support Services at the International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP) in Cambodia where he taught until 2005. From 2005 until 2007, he worked as an assistant professor in Special Education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he was named Outstanding Professor in 2007 by the Services for Students with Disabilities program.

In 2007, he was hired to set up and implement Student Support Services at Beijing City International School (BCIS) where he has worked as a Learning Support teacher at all levels of the school over the past thirteen years. Currently, he is the Student Support teacher at the Early Childhood Center where he believes that early intervention leads to better outcomes for students with special needs. Within the larger Beijing community, he serves as the Board Chair of the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association-Beijing (SENIA-Beijing) and was a founding member ten years ago.