SENIA local chapters and teacher representatives are pillars of the SENIA movement and provide local support and advocacy in regions around the globe.

Want to start a chapter? SENIA is always on the lookout for additional chapters. Interested individuals and groups can reach out to us via email: [email protected]

Ready to become a SENIA Teacher Representative?  Teacher reps help share the SENIA Mission and act as liaisons with their local school for SENIA Events. For more information reach out to Kate. ([email protected])

Asia Region Chapters

Contact:  [email protected]

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Middle East Region Chapters

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Europe Region Chapters

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South America Chapters

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Africa Chapters

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SENIA Teacher Reps

Monira Sultana EAL Teacher International School Dhaka (ISD) Bangladesh [email protected]
Sandrine Jones LS teacher in Secondary School International School of Phnom Penh Cambodia [email protected]
Lex Hamilton Cambodia [email protected]
Lana Lautamus MYP Special Education Needs Teacher Northbridge International School Cambodia [email protected]
Joanne Duran SEN Specialist Footprints International School Center for Adaptive and Responsive Education Cambodia [email protected]
[email protected]
Jami Sefiane Student Support Services Coordinator Concordia Shanghai China [email protected]
Alba Rosas Director of Support Services Harrow International School Shanghai China [email protected]
Bella Zhang PYP Teacher NanjingInternationalSchool China [email protected]
Tiffany Petrie Elementary Learning Support Teacher American International School of Guangzhou China [email protected]
Erin Madonna Learning Support Specialist Shenzhen Shekou International School China [email protected]
Janice Lanham Student Services Coordinator N-12 International School of Tianjin China [email protected]
RiAnn Caban Upper School Student Support Services Coordinator Shanghai Community International School China [email protected]
Sandra Carpenter Student Services Director Wuhan Yangtze International School China [email protected]
Amber Schmidt School Psychologist Shanghai American School China [email protected]
Felicia Gilley Learning Support Coordinator UIS Guangzhou China [email protected]
Carmen Rioux-Bailey

Diana Rehfeldt

Student Support Services Coordinator Hangzhou International School China [email protected]

[email protected]

Tanya Farrol MYP Coordinator Beijing City International School China [email protected]
Holly Poppell K-12 Counselor Daystar Academy China [email protected]
Jen Hohman High School Learning Support International School of Beijing China [email protected]
Vivian Wald
Beth Leys
PYP/MYP Learning Support
PYP Learning Support Coordinator
International School of Nanshan Shenzhen China [email protected]
[email protected]
Susan Prior Head of Individual Needs Harrow International School Hong Kong Hong Kong [email protected]
Irene teRaa Learning Support Leader International College Hong Kong Hong Kong [email protected]
Sarah Sisu Grade 3 Learning Support Hong Kong International School Hong Kong [email protected]
Angelle Thibodeaux Early Learning Specialist American School of Bombay India [email protected]
Maria Hamblin Head of Learning Support Stonehill International School India [email protected]
Sarika Umamahesh Learning Centre Coordinator Bangalore International School India [email protected]
Beth Rappe Learning Support Teacher American International School Chennai India [email protected]
Harjyot Malhotra Head Student Services Mercedes-Benz International School India [email protected]
[email protected]
Ujala Chaudhary Learning Support Teacher Oberoi International School (OGC) India [email protected]
Nicolette Brata-Coolen PYP Early Childhood Teacher/SENCO Bandung Independent School Indonesia [email protected]
Ann Durham
Angela Machacek
HS Learning Support Jakarta Intercultural School Indonesia [email protected]
[email protected]
Jodi Vigil Learning Support Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia [email protected]
Aya Ninomiya LS/MS Learning Support Coordinator, Private Occupational Therapist KAIS Elementary & Middle School Japan [email protected]
[email protected]
Nat Iida Student Services Teacher Nagoya International School Japan [email protected]
Ian Woollard PYP Coordinator
Learning Support Coordinator
Tsukuba International School Japan [email protected]
Sissi Armarh Learning Support & ELL teacher Fukuoka International School Japan [email protected]
Ruth Spalink Support Team Coordinator & MS learning support teacher Christian Academy Japan [email protected]
Wendy Hayden Learning Support Coordinator Makuhari International School Japan [email protected]
Lisa Chaleunsouk Osaka International School Japan [email protected]
Morris Mandarino Student Support Coordinator Osaka YMCA International School Japan [email protected]
Elaine Yandeau Learning Support Teacher Yokohama International School Japan [email protected]
Nicki Sutcliffe Learning Support Specialist St. Mary’s International School Japan [email protected]
Luigi Mondino MS/HS Teacher Tokyo International Progressive School Japan [email protected]
Naho Maiya Learning Support Specialist Seisen International School Japan [email protected]
Ivy Maeda Learning Support Specialist International School of the Sacred Heart Japan [email protected]
Maiko Ito Learning Support Teacher Nishimachi International School Japan [email protected]
David So Saint Maur International School Japan [email protected]
Rachel Arnold Learning Supports Coordinator and School Counselor Korea Foreign School Korea [email protected]
Bryan Coogan Learning Support Teacher Seoul Foreign School Korea [email protected]
Jodi Kittle US Learning Support Chadwick International Korea [email protected]
Mindi Dryer Head of Residence Branksome Hall Asia Korea [email protected]
Sarah May Lower School Learning Support Coordinator and Early Years Learning Support Teacher International School of Luxembourg Luxembourg [email protected]
Rovanna Bawden Student Services Head The International School of Macao Macao [email protected]
Tamsin Wilson Head of the Alternative Pathway and Secondary Inclusion Nexus International School Malaysia [email protected]
Gaik Cheng (Jade) Head of Special Needs Mutiara International School Malaysia [email protected]
Emily Hieber Special Services Coordinator Dalat International School Malaysia [email protected]
Johanna Means PYP Learning Support Teacher The International School of Penang (Uplands) Malaysia [email protected]
Debbie Pucci MS/HS Learning Support Teacher​ Mont’Kiara International School Malaysia [email protected]
Trina Cobbledick Middle School Learning Support Teacher The International School Kuala Lumpur Malaysia [email protected]
Venmalar Kannathasan Homeroom Teacher & CCA Coordinator Taylor’s International School Puchong Malaysia [email protected]
Nicky Griffiths Head of Primary Learning Support Garden International School Malaysia [email protected]
Steve Allan Guidance Counselor Brent Subic Philippines [email protected]
Jonellie Reynes Teacher &Curriculum/Sped Program Director CLP School
Create and Learning Paths School
Philippines [email protected]
Rainer Dave Santos Additional Needs
Department Coordinator
European School Manila (GESM)
Philippines [email protected]
John Abrams Student Support Team Coordinator Cebu International School Philippines [email protected]
Ms. Nicky Templo-Perez
(Maria Veronica)
Director, Center for Inclusive Education De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Philippines [email protected]
Simon Beesley High School Learning Support Coordinator UWCSEA Dover, Singapore Singapore [email protected]
Winson Coe High School Learning Support Teacher St. Joseph’s Institution International Singapore [email protected]
Alison Cannon Speech Language Pathologist Singapore American School Singapore [email protected]
Patty Winpenny K-12 Head of Learning Support and Wellness ISS International School Singapore [email protected]
Brett Dieterle Chatsworth International School Singapore [email protected]
Dr. Joan Schumann Stamford American International School Singapore [email protected]
Selina Collins Head of Primary Learning Support Doha College State of Qatar [email protected]
Lloyd Helmn Head of Secondary Learning Support Doha College State of Qatar [email protected]
Katelyn Burgess Homeroom Teacher & Student Support Team Thai-Chinese International School Thailand [email protected]
Darcy Sheppard Elementary Learning Support International Community School of Bangkok Thailand [email protected]
George Hetherington Inclusion Manager Harrow International School Bangkok Thailand [email protected]
Meg Fisher Grade 2 Learning Support International School Bangkok (ISB) Thailand [email protected]
Rachael Lamrani Head of PY Inclusion Learning Concordian International School Thailand [email protected]
Matthew Morse

Robert Golding

Learning Support/ADC Teacher, Grades 9-12 Ruamrudee International School Thailand [email protected]

[email protected]

Matt Browne Learning Support and SEN Teacher Australian International School of Bangkok Thailand [email protected]
Devon Hehl Elementary LS NIST International School Thailand [email protected]
[email protected]
Camarin Sachdeva Wells International School Thailand [email protected]
Tracey French Grade 4 Teacher Berkeley International School Thailand [email protected]
Elena Cistoldi Parlby Head of Learning Support PremTinsulandanondaInternational School Thailand [email protected]
Erica Lindberg Learning Support and Special Needs Teacher UWC Thailand in Phuket Thailand [email protected]
Elizabeth West Head of Learning Support St. Andrew’s International School Thailand [email protected]
Craig Tipping
Peter Lynch
Head of Inclusion
Ascot International School Thailand [email protected]
[email protected]
Brian Hirsch Learning Support
Upper Elementary
Saigon South International School Vietnam [email protected]
Vicki Gardner Director of Whole School Student Success Services Hanoi International School Vietnam [email protected]