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SENIA Virtual School Roundtable

We’ve all been thrown into our new teaching reality…we’ve gone virtual. It’s new, it’s tough, it’s exciting. While some of us are just starting our journeys, others have been doing it since all this started.

Behind Every Behavior with Jessica Minahan

I’m uber excited about today’s guest Jessica Minahan. Jessica is a special educator, Behavior Analyst, and author from Boston, Massachusetts. As educators, parents, and professionals, we seem to always wonder why kids do what they do; behavior-wise.  Jessica breaks this down for us.

Updates From SENIA Thailand

January 2020 SENIA is an organisation of educators, professionals, and parents whose mission is to advocate and provide resources/support for differently abled individuals. SENIA Thailand is the local chapter. Our News Don’t forget to register for the SENIA 2020 conference! This is a great chance for targeted professional development! All teachers , specialists, and administrators […]